Car2U Lear Repeater Kit

Car2U Lear Repeater Kit 

The Car2U Repeater Kit is designed to allow compatibility between the Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman, or LiftMaster garage door openers using the new Security+ 2.0 radio frequency and the Car2U system in your vehicle. Refer to your vehicle owners manual for specific instructions on programming the Car2U system.

Select 2007–2013 GM & Ford vehicles may have the Lear Car2U remote systems manufactured by Lear Corporation, identified by three yellow LED lights, one above each button. The HomeLink repeater will not work with this system, so you will need to install and program a Car2U Repeater Kit, which allows compatibility between LiftMaster garage door openers and vehicles equipped with the Car2U system.

If your having difficulty programing try the following first then call Car2U support (248) 896 8544

  1. Start the engine while programming 
  2. Park inside the garage so you do not break the safety beam eye Eg. going out to the the car to program
  3. Unplug anything electric inside the garage (fridge, freezer and LED, fluorescent lights

The Car2U Lear Repeater Kit is not compatable with Homelink (Homelink Repeater scroll down)

Car2U Repeater Kit Instructions

Link to vehicle list using Lear Car2U

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Car2U Lear Repeater Kit

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