Genie 39048R.S Circuit Board Models 2562, 2564, 2568

Genie 39048R.S Circuit Board for Screw Drive Models 2562, 2564, 2568  

If you have a wall console that is gray with black buttons you will also need to purchase Genie GBWCSL2-BX Series II Garage Opener Wall Console or the circuit board wall console kit 39057R.S (Please scroll down to order)

Installation of these circuit boards is not too difficult and can be completed by the homeowner as opposed to calling a professional garage door opener installer. The instructions that are included with the circuit board are easy to follow and takes about 20 to 30 minutes to replace the circuit board. This is much better than the hassle of scheduling an appointment with a professional installer or the time, effort and money needed to purchase and install a brand new garage door opener

  • Genie PowerLift 900 Model 2562 Screw Drive
  • Genie GPower 900 Model 2564 Screw Drive
  • Genie ReliaG Model 2568 Screw Drive
  • Replaces Circuit Board 37160R.S
  • 100% Original Genie replacement part
  • Includes Instructions

All circuit boards and logic receiver boards are NON REFUNDABLE. If there is a problem with the board you receive, you must call us within 20 days of purchase to obtain a RGA (return goods authorization) so you can ship the board back to us and we can start the evaluation process. If the manufacturer determines that there is a defect covered by warranty we will reimburse your shipping fees and refund your original purchase. If the problem is not covered under warranty you are responsible for all charges incurred. Manufacturer's findings are final.

  • Item #: 39048R.S

Genie 39048R.S Circuit Board Models 2562, 2564, 2568

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