Genie Circuit Control Boards

 You have a bad circuit board if you press the wall button or the remote and the opener just clicks and does not activate...or IF your remotes will not work and cannot be programmed...or IF your remotes only work from a short distance and you've replaced the batteries. This means the receiver, which is part of the circuit board, is weak or not functioning.

IF you press your button or remote and the motor buzzes but does not activate you either have a bad capacitor or the unit is seized. This is not a circuit board issue!

If your not sure what Circuit Board you need, please Contact Us

Installation of these Genie circuit boards is not too difficult and can be completed by the homeowner as opposed to calling a professional garage door opener installer. The instructions that are included with the circuit board are easy to follow and takes about 20 to 30 minutes to replace the circuit board. This is much better than the hassle of scheduling an appointment with a professional installer or the time, effort and money needed to purchase and install a brand new garage door opener.