Genie GL2T-BX 2-Button Garage Door Opener LED FLASHLIGHT REMOTE

The newest remote control from Genie is compatible with all openers manufactured since 1995. This remote control comes with a Lanyard for easy carrying access and can be stored on a keyring, in a back pack, or carried in a purse making it perfect for people on the go!

The GL2T-BX has three buttons located on the face of the unit. Two of the buttons are programmable to your garage door opener and the third controls the LED Flashlight. Programming the remote is a breeze as it follows the same instructions that Genie provides for all of its transmitters. It should be noted however, that when programming the GL2T-BX to openers manufactured between 1995 and 1997, customers should use the top button. Models manufactured from 1997 to current can use either button. 
The back of the remote contains a screw that allows access to the inside of the remote control. The inside back panel contains the label for the transmitter as well as the battery compartment (takes AAA). Like several remotes from Genie, the flashlight remote utilizes Dual frequency technology that allows it to operate on the frequencies of 315MHz and 390MHz.  When opening the garage door the GL2T-BX notifies the user of activation two ways an LED and an audible "click".
  • Item Number: GL2T-BX
  • 2-Button LED Flashlight Transmitter w/Lanyard by Genie
  • Small but functional remote control for residential openers
  • Just the right size to carry in your pocket, purse or backpack
  • For personal security, the GL2T-BX features a powerful LED flashlight that has been tested at 30 lumens of BRIGHT light and can project light up to 50-feet away
  • When the flashlight button is pressed, the flashlight stays on for four minutes before automatically shutting off or until the flashlight button is pressed again
  • For home security, the GL2T-BX utilizes the state-of-the-art Intellicode® Access Security System, or rolling access codes
  • While conventional garage door openers use the same fixed access code each time the system is activated, a rolling access code system selects a new code from billions of possible combinations every time you push the remote control button
  • This prevents an unauthorized person from stealing the access code to your opener system and gaining entry to your garage and home
  • Dual-frequency remote control that will transmit a signal on both 315 and 390 MHz frequencies
  • Helps to ensure operation despite interference from consumer electronics or nearby government bases
  • Compatible with all Genie openers manufactured since 1995
  • Offers the same programming process as other remote controls*
  • The intuitive GL2T-BX features buttons that have an audible click and a tactile feel when the buttons are pressed
  • Visible LED on the front of the remote to let you know when a button has been successfully pressed
  • Easy battery access via battery door with screw closure
  • Includes a single AAA battery (service part #36863A.S) and an 18" solid black lanyard with trigger snap clasp (service part #39597A.S)
  • Clasp support tested for up to 50-lbs. of force

 *When programming the GL2T-BX transmitter to openers from the Intellicode® era of Nov. 1995 to the end of 1997, use the top button

Genie GL2T-BX Instructions

  • Item #: Genie GL2T-BX

Genie GL2T-BX 2-Button Garage Door Opener LED FLASHLIGHT REMOTE

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