Liftmaster 373LM 3-Button Garage Door Remote Control

Liftmaster 373LM Standard Features:

  • A 315Mhz three button visor remote control.
  • Can operate three garage doors or 395LM remote light control (Scroll Down
  • Security+® rolling code technology that sends a brand new code every time it is used.  
  • One 5-year 3-volt battery is included.
  • Compatible wireless keypad: 377LM

Liftmaster 373LM is compatible with:

  • LiftMaster®, Chamberlain, and Sears Craftsman garage door openers (315Mhz Frequency only)
  • A motorhead that has a purple learn button button under the light cover
  • A garage door motorhead that has a purple antenna  
  • Chamberlain: 950D, 953D, 956D remotes
  • Liftmaster:  371LM, 372LM, 373LM, 373P, 374LM, 370LM, 376LM, 377LM, 379LM, 379LM-10

Liftmaster 373LM includes: remote, battery, visor clip, and instructions.

373LM Instruction Manual

  • Item #: 373LM

LiftMaster 373LM 3-Button Garage Door Remote Control 315MHz

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