LiftMaster 8500C Wall Mount Garage Door Opener & FREE SHIPPING

LiftMaster 8500C Elite Series Wall Mount Garage Door Opener and FREE SHIPPING

The New LiftMaster 8500 features a sleek all-black design plus an improved one-piece collar design that is slip-resistant and improves travel limit accuracy. 

Product Features

  • Wall Mount Design frees the garage ceiling of hanging operators and rails and opens up the space for additional storage - ideal for cathedral or obstructed ceilings
  • The 8500C is also equipped with Timer-to-Close. Your garage door can be set to close automatically after a pre-programmed number of minutes. It gives you peace of mind, you never wonder if you closed the door 5 minutes after you drive away
  • Ultra Quiet eliminates sound and vibration through the ceiling - perfect if you have a home with a room above or next to the garage
  • Remote light delivers 200 watts of light with adjustable light time delay

Product Description

  • Control panel with timer-to-close
  • MAX series radio controls with burst technology increasing the range of your remotes significantly
  • MyQ capable so you can access your garage door from your smart phone, computer, or tablet from anywhere in the world. (with optional 828LM Internet Gateway)  MyQ mobile app is a free download requiring no annual activation fee
  • For sectional doors only, up to 14 ft. high or 180 sq. ft., 650 lbs. Simple installation about 2 hrs

Included Safety Features

  • Includes The Protector System® - projects an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and automatically reverses the door if anything interrupts the beam while door is going down    
  • Equipped with Power Lock - once the garage door goes down, it's securely locked with the power lock, which is similar to a deadbolt and ensures the door cannot be forced open
  • Manual release handle in case of power failure 

Included Accessories - Everything you see in the pictures, including installation manual and hardware needed for installation

  • 8500C Side-Mount Opener
  • 893MAX  3-Button Remote Control
  • 380LM Wireless Remote Light
  • 888LM MyQ Control Panel with Timer-to-Close
  • 41A5034 Safety Sensors and Brackets
  • 41A6104 Cable Tension Monitor
  • 41A6102 Power Door Lock 

Optional Accessories available on our websiteScroll down... Accessories can be put inside the opener box and ship for free

  • 877MAX Wireless Keypad  - No wiring necessary, mounts to the door frame outside the garage door allowing you to open the door with a 4 digit code. Great kids they don’t have to carry keys for the house (will control up to 4 garage door openers)
  • 828LM Internet Gateway - Connect MyQ enabled garage door opener and accessories to the internet with this device (1 Internet gateway will control up to 16 devices)
  • 829LM Garage Door Monitor - Monitor and close up to 4 garage doors or gates from any room in the house
  • 823LM Remote Light Switch - Control lights in the home with your garage door remote control or from your smartphone or computer via the 828LM Internet Gateway (This switch replaces your existing light switch)  
  • 825LM Remote Light Control - Control lights in the home with your garage door remote control or from your smartphone or computer via the 828LM Internet Gateway (This device plugs into a wall plug and then you plug whatever you want to control into the device)  
  • 475LM Battery Backup - Powers up your garage door even when the power is out. Each year 93% of homeowners experience a power loss. And one of the many inconveniences they face is a garage door that won't open
  • 893MAX 3-Button Remote Control (Do you need an extra remote?)
  • 890MAX 3-button Mini Keychain Remote Control - Great for motorcycles and skidoos or if you just want the added security of having a mini-remote close by
  • 885LM Wireless Secondary Control Panel - For those who want an extra control panel in the garage
  • 975LM Laser Parking Assist - Designed to help you park in the right spot every time 
  • 380LM Remote Light - Need more lighting? Order an additional extra wireless remote 200 watt light

Optional Accessories for installation

  • 580LM Alternate Power Source - Makes installing the model 8500C operator easier when an outlet is not available within 6 feet. Puts power right where you need it.
  • 480LM Alternate Mounting / Extension kit - Enables the 8500C operator to be lowered due to obstructed areas and low ceilings


  • Lifetime motor warranty 
  • 5 - year parts warranty
  • 1 - year battery backup warranty -  Optional 475LM

8500C Instruction Manual

  • Item #: LiftMaster 8500C

LiftMaster 8500C Wall Mount Garage Door Opener & FREE SHIPPING

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