LiftMaster 885LM MyQ Wireless Control Panel for Security+ 2.0

LiftMaster 885LM  Security+ 2.0 MyQ Wireless Control Panel


Specifically designed for those who want an extra control panel in the garage, the new LiftMaster Wireless Control Panel can open and close a single garage door, turn opener lights on/off, and can be installed anywhere in the garage that is in the line of sight of the garage door.

Product Details

  • Turns opener lights on/off from inside the garage
  • Large push button makes it easy to close your garage door
  • Completely wireless - powered by (1) 3-volt battery (included)
  • Compatible only with Security+2.0™ LiftMaster® garage door openers enabled by MyQ® technology with a yellow learn button and yellow antenna
  • Scroll down to see compatable control panels

Liftmaster 885LM instructions

  • Item #: LiftMaster 885LM

LiftMaster 885LM Security+ 2.0 MyQ Wireless Control Panel

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