LiftMaster LMTBU Monitored Though-Beam Photo Eyes

Monitored Through-Beam Photo Eyes (LMTBU) provide superior performance in a variety of tough environmental conditions utilizing a powerful through-beam design. This Transmitter/Reflector pair is UL 325-2016 compliant and NEMA rated 4X meaning the enclosure is protected against water, dirt, and corrosion. Anti-Fogging Lenses ensure the Photo Eyes will function in adverse conditions. 

The LMTBU comes with a transmitter, a reflector, two stainless steel hoods, two powder-coated galvanized mounting brackets with hardware included and six feet of cable. When assembled, the Photo Eye and hood measure 4.9" H x 3" W x 3.7" D.

Product Highlights:

  • Part Number: LMTBU
  • Sold as pair
  • Compatible with LiftMaster Gate operators with burgundy boards ONLY
  • Meets UL 325-2016 requirements
  • Provides motored entrapment protection solution
  • Sensing distance up to 90 feet
  • Anti-fogging lens and integrated diagnostics
  • LED indicators provide Instant feedback: aligned, misaligned, or blocked.
  • NEMA 4X Rated
  • Solar optimized, turns off when gate operator is idle
  • Requires low power only on one side of installation
  • LMTBU Emitter is not interchangeable with the LMRRU Emitter

LMTBU Instructions

  • Item #: LMTBU

LiftMaster LMTBU Monitored Though-Beam Photo Eyes

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