Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch MyQ Security+ 2.0

Product Description

Now you can control your house lights at the touch of a button anywhere. The LiftMaster® Remote Light Switch replaces any single light switch, allowing control of the lights remotely via the LiftMaster Internet Gateway or garage door opener remote control.

Technical Details

  • Replaces a single light switch to control lights remotely
  • Turns on lights in the garage, yard or home using the garage door opener remote control
  • Use with the LiftMaster Internet Gateway accessory to control lights from a smartphone or computer
  • Compatible only with LiftMaster® Security+ 2.0 garage door openers and accessories enabled by MyQ technology
  • Compatable remotes 895MAX,893MAX,890MAX, Compatable remote light switch 825LM, Compatible Wall Control Buttons: 880LM, 881LM, 886LM

Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch Manual

  • Item #: Liftmaster 823LM

Liftmaster 823LM Remote Light Switch MyQ Security+ 2.0

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